1. Is this program just for Special Needs students?

    Absolutely not; this program is geared towards all students. 

2. My kid already knows all of this stuff; why should he/she take this course?

    We would be surprised if anyone knew ALL of what we teach. In fact, even as reasonably well adjusted adults :-) the writers of this                    curriculum learned something from every lesson that we created! And even if they know some of it, it will not hurt for the lessons to                   be reinforced, important as they are, especially with interaction with classmates and teachers who may help them to see things from                   a wider perspective.

3. I can teach this to my kids myself; why should they take this course?

     A couple of points are in order here:

     a) Time

     A lot of the services we pay for could be done by us, on a basic level, if we had enough time. Unfortunately, our busy schedules do not              allow us a lot of time.

    b) Expertise

    They will be getting a richer perspective on our subjects in our class, with our meticulously researched curriculum, qualified teachers, and         interaction with other students. Also, kids at this age often take the same advice better if it comes from somebody other than their parents :-)

4. Why is this not free?

    We are a business, and like any business, we have expenses, such as salary for our teachers and rent. We feel our price of $20/hr is                comparable with academic tutoring services. If you wish to compare with other types of services, $20 is what it will cost you to have your          lawn mowed one time. We feel that an hour of life skills instruction  for your child which will help him his whole life is a far greater value.

5. I see that you hold classes at churches, are you affiliated with them?

    We are not. We simply rent space from them, and we are very grateful to them to allow us to do it.