Adulting skills 101:

We will cover the following topics as well as many others. 

  • Critical thinking, so they can evaluate new information
  • Emotional intelligence so they can understand themselves and others, and make wise choices in life.

​​          Developed with input from a psychiatrist.

  • Options after high school - college, trade school, military, work, entrepreneurship
  • Career discussion. Students may not be prepared to make a career choice at this point in their lives, but we intend to get them thinking about some of their options.
  • Leadership
  • Communication and Etiquette
  • Time Management and Organization
  • Methods of dealing with stress
  • Romance - How to choose a compatible life partner; how to maintain a relationship; how to avoid abusive relationships
  • Personal finance and financial literacy - how to budget, use credit,  use insurance etc
  • Media literacy, so they can make objective decisions about advertisements etc.
  • Household maintenance - clean, iron, maintain a house and household appliances, use the computer, maintain a car etc
  • Healthy Lifestyles - Cooking healthy meals (we prepare a meal in class), benefits of exercise
  • How to look up information when it is needed (Internet, Library)
  • Rights of US citizens under the Constitution; how the government works
  • First aid, so they understand how to attend to minor injuries

Many of these subjects have no right or wrong answer; we will be introducing ideas and will be discussing them with the students, getting them to at least start thinking about them as a first step to coming to their own conclusions.

Adulting Skills 202:

We will be covering the same subjects in greater detail, as well as having speakers from different walks of life talking about their careers, and watching and discussing socially relevant movies.

Prerequisite: Adulting Skills 101 recommended but not required

Lesson Format:

Powerpoint based lectures, with plenty of classroom discussion, group projects and hands on activities